The Future of Micropayments

Thank you for joining us November 5th 2020 for our virtual unconference where we explored the future of money at human scale. Here are all the talks. Thanks again to all participants, speakers and to Nexus Events for their conferencing platform.

Full Video Stream

Here are all the videos together. Below you can also watch them separately


Money has become a form of communication. It can separate truth from fiction, it can signal value - as well as support content and creators that we love.

We’re bringing together content creators, artists, programmers, designers, cryptographers and thinkers to inspire each other, share points of view and discuss the design and architecture of exchanging value.

We're partnering with Nexus Events for a highly interactive event. Expect to meaningfully engage in one on one and larger group conversations. We will ask participants for a short 30 second intro video after signup to streamline this experience.

If you’ve ever had frustrations with online payments, the creative economy, or simply want to explore the future of payments at human scale, please join us (next time)!




We have an ongoing Discord Channel. Also please see our Code of Conduct.